Shipping Industry Perspectives



We take care of the lay-up of your vessel and deliver an agency service package including the lay-up, and later the re-employment to service.


Dry Docking

Get access to local expertise and knowledge from your dedicated dry-docking ships agent.


Hub Solutions

Increase your efficiency by letting us take care of your port call management; cost checking, disbursement account management and cash management, so that you can focus on your core competencies.


Protective Agency

We offer protective agency both for shipowners (OPA) and charterers/cargo (CPA) to supervise the counterparty’s agent throughout the port call.


Canal Transition

With over 2000 transits per year from all types of segments, our dedicated Transit Desk is ready to assist you 24/7 from anywhere in the world.


Full Agency

Our operational standards consistently make your port calls as efficient as possible.


Bunker Call Agency

Total efficiency for all your bunkering calls.



Your partner in port, providing you tailor-made solutions for your husbandry needs. We secure the welfare of your vessel.


We have a wide selection of the finest Officers and Ratings for various types of vessels, readily available upon request. They are screened by our expert recruiting team. These seafarers are products of the finest maritime schools and training centers in the Philippines. Filipino seafarers are best known in the global cruise and maritime industry for their professionalism, efficiency, and reliability, not to mention their proficiency in English language both oral and written. The following are the services the management will adhere to do for their seafarers:

• Recruitment- Trends and Screen the qualification to ensure hiring competent officer and crew. Conducts interviews and examinations are mandatory for all applicants.

• Crew Rotation Management - Each principal will have their own pool of officers and crew on a rotation basis on board and on vacation To promote loyalty, discipline and career development.

• Documentation - In accordance with STCW requirements.

• Pre Employment Medical Screening - Our seafarer undergoes a medical examination to medical clinics accredited by P&I clubs, Department of Health, MARINA, NIS and POEA.

• Pre-Departure Orientation - Briefing the crew on what would be their work assignment on the vessel and the Vessel's particulars also includes good human relations seminar.

Other Services

  • We are happy to tune the service specification to your individual requirements. Experience a globally consistent service, tuned to your needs Husbandry services we can deliver upon request.
  • Bunker delivery coordination.
  • Cash to master.
  • Crew change assistance.
  • Meet and greet.
  • Crew medical assistance.
  • Launch coordination service.
  • Spare parts coordination Reports that will always be sent, as a PDF.
  • Daily activity reports.
  • Proforma disbursement accounts.
  • Final disbursement accounts For periodic business reviews we will measure.
  • Development of turnaround time, per port and type of call.
  • Variance between proforma and final disbursement accounts, per port Instructions and files. We can upload your instructions and files to our operating system, making them easily available for all SYRO - HELLENIC Ships Service agents worldwide. Time objects we will always register Pre-arrival ETA ETD Arrival EOSP Departure COSP Integrating your repetitive operational requirements.
  • Based on our experience as husbandry agents, we have made a service proposal that, if approved by you, will form the basics of our Service Agreement delivery every time we handle your port calls.
  • Further requirements can still be added on a caseby-case basis according to the specific needs of each port call.
  • The service specification will apply when SYRO - HELLENIC Ships Service acts as husbandry agent for calls in any port where we operate, at a predictable and agreed price.
  • Foreign and Local Crew Allotment Administration.
  • Claims and Benefit Administration.
  • Transit Visa and other travel related services.
  • Another additional and special process which principals require to outsource for cost and technology efficiencies.


MINAMAR also referred to as the Agency. Through its Marketing Department, sends a business proposal to prospective Principal abroad or meets the prospective Principal personally to discuss the terms and conditions stipulated in the compilation of documents in the brochure. Should the Principal agree with the propositions stipulated in the business proposal, a Special Power of Attorney and Ship Manning Agreement will be signed to close the transaction. These documents, along with a Job Order I Crew Request should be submitted by the Principal to the Philippine Consulate in the Principal's country for authentication.

A provisionary Accreditation Certificate which is valid for three months may be issued by the Administration so the Agency can deploy the hired seafarers to the Principal within two weeks after the closing of the transaction. Provided, however, that the filled out and signed Special Power of Attorney and Manning Agreement along with the Vessel's Specifications. A copy of the Principal's valid business license will be faxed to the Agency upon closing of the transaction. This gives the Principal ample time to have the documents authenticated. Upon receipt of the authenticated documents, the Agency submits them to the Administration in order to get a permanent Accreditation Certificate which is renewable every two years. A copy of which will be set to the Principal of their records.